Outdoor Advertising Planning

outdoor advertisements in India; specifically in.The urban space is, instead, a living space, which needs to be read at multiple levels and with regard to multiple relations among multiple actors. Within this multiplicity of social, cultural and political elements we want to analyze the ways in which these two actors, outdoor advertisements, affect each other and the common and challenging issues of the relationship in Outdoor Advertisements .With the advancement of technology and the tough completion in the market it’s necessary to understand the market and the demands of market.

Modern day marketing has greatly evolved. Companies now use consumer driven approaches to further their abilities to satisfy the countless emerging needs and wants of the modern consumer. The use of media and the channeling of these advertisements to reach every nook and corner of the country and to find the potential customers from every walk of life. Amongst these consumer driven approaches, branding has emerged as one of the crucial activities required in the building of a loyal customer base and the creation of an effective brand image so as to stand in the world market.

The purpose of this thesis is to understand the importance of crucial role played by the street and outdoor advertisements. , discusses different ways of legitimization that are used by the advertising industry and by the street artists in public space. In addition to their physical appearance on the streets, it is important to understand the underline motives for their existence in public spaces. From a perspective these approaches can help us to expose and identify the control mechanisms and hegemonic discourses within the society as the norms are so minutely knitted. This study also intrudes the realm of street art and the future in advertisement.